PP Multifilament Fibre 8 Strand Rope Floating

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PP Multifilament Fibre 8 Strand Rope Floating, engineered for versatility and reliability in marine and outdoor environments. Crafted from 100% HT Multifilament Polypropylene fiber, this rope offers exceptional strength and buoyancy.

Key features include:

  • 8-strand construction for enhanced durability and stability.
  • Unspliced Break Load Test Accordance with ISO 2307 ensures reliability and safety.
  • Low cost and easy to splice, making it a practical choice for various applications.
  • Floating design ensures easy retrieval and minimizes the risk of entanglement.
  • Does not harden over time, maintaining flexibility and performance.
  • Moderate elongation provides stability and security during use.
  • Suitable for mooring lines, anchor lines, towing, and more.

Whether for boating, fishing, camping, or general outdoor use, our PP Multifilament Fibre 8 Strand Rope Floating is the perfect choice for those seeking reliable performance and peace of mind.

Offering a range of sizes and lengths:

    • 12mm 6.51kg / 100mt Break Load 2265kg
    • 14mm 8.86kg /100mt Break Load 3225kg
    • 16mm 11.60kg / 100mt Break Load 4310kg
    • 24mm 26.00kg / 100mt Break Load 9060kg

Specific Gravity 0.91KG /DM
Construction 8 Strand
UV Resistance Sufficient
Chemical Resistance Very Good
Melting Point 165C
Critical Temperature 80C
Elongation at Break Approx. %23
fibre Water Absorption None
Wet Abrasion Sufficient
Dry Abrasion Sufficient
Standard EN ISO 1346

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