Polyester 3 Strand Rope (ANCHOR – MOORING – CLASSIC RIGGING)

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    • 8mm 4.85kg / DM per 100MT Break Load 1300kg

    • 10mm 7.57kg / DM per 100MT Break Load 2060kg

    • 12mm 10.90kg / DM per 100MT Break Load 2875kg

    • 14mm 14.90kg /DM per 100MT Break Load 3875kg

    • 16mm 19.40kg / DM per 100MT Break Load 5000kg

    • 18mm 24.60kg / DM per 100MT Break Load 6250kg

    • 24mm 43.70kg / DM per 100MT Break Load 11500kg

100% HT Polyester

Unspliced Break Load Test Accordance with ISO 2307

Excellent Break Load, Remains firm under load, soft, easy to splice, Durable



Specific Gravity
Construction 3 Strand Plaited
UV Resistance Excellent
Chemical Resistance Good
Melting Point 256C
Critical Temperature 170C
Elongation at Break Approx. %15 - 20
fibre Water Absorption Approx. %1 - 2
Wet Abrasion Good
Dry Abrasion Good
Standard ISO 1141

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